We have been serving our clients for over 50 years. A family owned business first coming to the aide of clients, Frank J. Baker Jr. founded our agency. Following in his footsteps Frank J. Baker III and Michael P. Baker continue his legacy of helping individuals, family's and business owners protect the ones they love. We bring true old fashion values to a sometimes difficult world. We pride ourselves in being able to explain and make clear what confuses most people. By understanding your coverage's, your hard earned resources are properly put to use the best ways possible!


Frank J. Baker Jr.
Years of experience: 40
Position: Founder
Mr. Baker founded what was to evolve into Baker Insurance Group to provide insurance consulting for individuals and small businesses. He provided the leadership and forward thinking that guided our values today.

Frank J. Baker III
Years of experience: 26
Position: Owner / MGA
Frank has 26 years of experience in business and insurance helping both small business and individuals improve business performance and lives. Having been active in his community from Little League Baseball coach to Chamber of Commerce President, he brings a wealth of knowledge combined with unique perspective to clients.

Michael  P. Baker
Years of experience: 3
Position: Owner / MGA
Before joining Baker Insurance Group and the family business, Michael worked for several technology companies in Texas. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the client relations and sales team.

Kelly Nolan
Years of experience: 25
Position: Office Manager / Accountant
Kelly started with Baker Insurance Group as a consultant, went on to become full "take charge" Manager and Accountant and has since grown into the manager of our successful support services team.

Fay Nolan
Years of experience: A lot!
Position: Office Support / Senior Ambassador
Refusing to retire and go quietly, Fay has proven to be a valued Member of our Support Team. With over 70+ years of various talents from driving race cars to being a licensed pilot, she has proven you can’t keep a good woman down! In addition to her duties around the office, Fay also helps our Senior clients any way she can. Always just a call away, Fay is there to listen.